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These are the graphic design ideas inspired by experience.


1. When I lived in London, coffee was essential in the office. My colleagues drank 1 litre per day, and they said coffee is indispensable during commuting and meetings. It left a very fresh and strong impression on me. Because I preferred green tea the coffee before. I thought that if an office was coloured with coffee hues, work would progress smoothly. Therefore, I came up with a design that represents the mixture of coffee and milk.


2. Sometimes, ideas for work or design come down suddenly. Those moments are powerful, quick, and pleasant. I expressed that state of mind in this design.


3. When I lived in Australia, it was during the hot summer season. Surrounded by tropical plants, and flowers I designed this pattern inspired by the flowers I found in the nearby park. It has a bright and casual atmosphere and can be utilized as a pattern design.


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